Update to my TwitterBadge for Community Server 2007

Jan 1, 2007 00:00 · 161 words · 1 minute read communityserver gadgets site-update

A few weeks ago when I updated this site to Community Server 2007, I also updated the theme. That theme kinda sucked, but I learned a lot about how to design a CS theme using the new theming engine, Chameleon. One of the additions I made to the theme was a Twitter badge that shows what I am up to all the time (assuming I actually update my Twitter status. Unfortunately it sometimes didn’t work. When I saw there was a problem, I didn’t have any time to figure out why, so I just removed it. This weekend I updated the theme again. And I got a chance to see what was going on with the Twitter badge. Doh!!! Its was so easy to fix…one single line. Near the beginning I checked to see if a particular string was null. What I should have done was check if it was null or empty. I have fixed it in the original post.