A few new toys…

Posted on September 09, 2005

Money comes in…and money goes out…

I have a few new toys now, all of which I just had to have:

Playstation Portable – Getting rid of my XBox leaves a big void in gaming. I want something portable that doesn’t require a TV and thus doesn’t care about PAL or NTSC. The PSP does it, and it is really gorgeous. Got two games with this: Ridge Racer and WipeOut. I remember Wipeout on the PC being really cool…this is a bit lame. RidgeRacer is to PSP as Project Gotham is the XBox: fantastic racing game that came out at the same time as the console. The two games will keep me going for a while. Next purchase will probably be Lumines.

Apple iPod 60GB – If there were a WMA based device with 60GB I would have bought it. Instead I had to settle for an iPod. The device itself is pretty great. Fantastic interface. The big downside is iTunes. I can’t believe Apple has gotten away with producing such a shoddy piece of software. WMP isn’t perfect, but there is no comparison here. The install is half-ass, and the app itself has a tendency to crash. ugh. Thankfully there are tools like Anapod from Red Chair Software. Otherwise this would have been sent back to Amazon for a refund.

I-Go Juice – Combine the above with a digital camera, laptop, iPaq, and more and you end up with a lot of plugs to carry around. Getting an I-Go Juice means I have one power adapter for everything. And I can charge two at a time. But its not just good for plugging into the wall, but also into the air power sockets as well as the car lighter socket.