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Posted on September 26, 2005

I have often praised Craigslist on here. Typically you list something and within an hour you have buyers lining up. My latest series of entries is no different. Today I [posted a few before going to a dentist appointment. On the way back from the torture I stopped off at Pizza Orgasmica on Fillmore (a mediocre pizza by the slice joint). While eating I got a call from someone coming round this afternoon. Apparently she didn’t even see my most creative effort listed here.….I am still enjoying it everytime I re-read the ad:

solid maple chest of drawers with history!!! – $75(marina / cow hollow)

I have a wonderful SOLID MAPLE chest of drawers with, get this, history!!! You know when you watch Antiques Roadshow, someone will come on with something they are proud of, something thats been in the family for ages, and the reviewer says something like: 

Wow, I have never seen someone bring in such a large collection of 18th century bits of broken glass in such bad condition. You say they have been in the family for 4 generations, always passed on with a great celebration? Well normally I would tell you they are worth pennies (at which point you see the proud owner start to cry), but with your lovely story they are now worth thousands of dollars!!! 

Well, thats what I am going for, except for the thousands of dollars part. My parents came over to the US back in 1970 from England. Soon after moving they bought this chest of drawers from a friend who in turn had it for years. I think they had a story but I don’t want to make up stuff. Anyway, this chest eventually made it into my room and when I got my first apartment in Tallahassee, FL, my parents drove it up from our home in Miami. When I moved to NYC it followed in the back of the UHaul. When I moved to San Francisco, Moisha’s Movers brought it across the country. When I moved to Redmond, WA United Van Lines hauled it up (at Microsoft’s expense). When I left the empire to work for a smaller company back down here, it moved again. And of course I have had several moves in each of those cities. So chances are, this chest of drawers has seen more of the US than you. Yes, it has earned a few scratches in its time, but think of the history. They are battle scars: noble marks of courage. 

But it is time for another move for me and this one is an expensive one. Anytime boats are involved in a move, they add an extra digit to the price and the time is in months instead of days. Moving this chest of drawers to my new home on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam would cost several hundred dollars. Love it, but not that much. My parents are upset that this lovely piece of…history is moving on to another family, hopefully. Would you like to have it? I am willing to part with it for a song….or maybe 75 bucks(OBO). Come on, I have been reviewing some of the horribly ugly furniture being sold on here for lots more. This is a steal!!! Why so cheap??? My one way flight to Schipol Airport is very soon. 

Some more specifics about this lovely piece of…history: SOLID MAPLE. SOLID!!! Not this veneer stuff from Ikea. SOLID!!! 4 drawers. um…..did I say SOLID MAPLE???? 

You can reach me on my cell phone at 425-922-2843. Yes its a Seattle number, but I am here….never got around to changing it and now that I am moving again, doesn’t make much sense to do it now.

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