TV in Zagreb

Posted on November 21, 2005

Flipping through the channels in my Zagreb hotel has been interesting. There are local channels, an Italian channel I think (Italy is about 200 miles southwest), a Russian channel (or one of those cyrillic languages), a couple of music channels, and of course CNN, BBC, and Sky News. Flipping up and down the range of channels has been interesting and a bit shocking. Especially when I saw police from the City of Tacoma in front of the Tacoma Mall. I have no idea what they were saying. I think it was a German news channel. But Tacoma was on my nearly daily route from Redmond, Washington down to Olympia what I was a SLG TS for Microsoft. Tacoma was where the smell got a little too powerful, where I got my one speeding violation from the lovely folks at Pierce County Washington State Patrol, and where there was often a traffic jam while passing the Tacoma Dome. Seeing it on the news in Zagreb was just a little weird. Can anyone tell me what happened yesterday at the Mall???