Snow, snow, and more snow…

 Its snowing here in Amsterdam right now…again. I have been thinking back to other places I have lived in and I can’t think of any that had as many snow days as here. In San Francisco, the only snow I saw was trucked in for Johnny Mosely and a whole bunch of snowboarders on Filmore. In Seattle, it would snow one day per year and all hell would break lose on the roads. In New York it would pile down in a couple of days, with beautiful mountains at every corner for a few hours until they turned into dark grey chunks of taxi dust. Tallahassee certainly saw no snow and Miami? Yeah right. The only snow I saw growing up was shaved ice mounds at the University of Miami.

But here in Amsterdam it snowed a few days in December and quite a few in January. We are on our 3rd straight day of snow right now. It doesn’t really stick much, but it is falling. I went out this morning to take some photos and will post them, as soon as I finish writing that damned performance review my manager has been asking me to do for weeks now.


a quick rightfax faxutil tip – 16 shades for better looking faxes.

Whenever I am talking about Rightfax to a company that is already using the product, the one feature they are always surprised to hear about is the ability to have a better view of a fax. With the default install of FaxUtil, which is the client, faxes look fairly splotchy and ugly. Take this screenshot from a fax I just sent. 

Now that is pretty damned ugly. The problem is that its black and white, not grayscale. The fix is to go to Tools | Gray Scale and choose 16 Shades. But this only fixes it for this viewing session. To set this up for EVERY fax you view, go to Tools | Options and choose 16 Shades from the drop down at the bottom. Now all your faxes will look like this when you view them in FaxUtil. Of course, the actual fax looks the same when the person on the other end receives it.



I LOVE 30boxes

30Boxes rocks. It is just too cool. In case you are not familiar with it, 30Boxes is, in its simplest form, an online calendar. I can use it to schedule events. OK, not too exciting yet. I use Outlook for that and Outlook does a great job. But Outlook isn’t as great at letting the people I care about know what I am up to. For instance, I would like to make it easy for my family and friends to know what I am up to and where I am. No, I don’t tell my parents when I am going to be out late, but I would like to let them know that I am going to be flying from Amsterdam to Zagreb for a week next month. And I want them to be able to see that when they want to see that, not just when time zones (they live in Miami and I am in Amsterdam) are convenient. I also want a way to add portions of that calendar to this blog. My role at Captaris is as a trainer. I want people to see when I am teach classes in Amsterdam or Zagreb or Sydney or Singapore. I think that is interesting.

So with 30Boxes, I can have a public calendar showing all the classes that I am currently scheduled to teach. Or I can have one just showing the Workflow classes I am doing, etc. I can even have an RSS feed for my public schedule.

So how can it be better? It would be nice if I could give my calendars nice titles. It would be great if I could right-click on an Outlook calendar item to add it to 30Boxes. And it would be great if Outlook would automatically update 30Boxes when I update a calendar item. But so far it is very good and I will continue to use it. I will probably update this site to Community Server 2 in the next few days and be able to add my schedule to the front page too.

Holy crap! two comments in two days

Wow, what the hell happened. I must have inadvertently switch from the boring crap I usually write to something somewhat interesting. In the last two days I have attracted enough interest to generate 2 (TWO) whole comments. And they are not comments about levitra or viagra or phenta something….those are the comments I delete nightly. No, they are real comments. WOOHOO!!!

Oh god, are you nuts?!?! Touch screen click wheel?!?!

On ThinkSecret there is an article about a possible next gen iPod with a touch screen click wheel. Does anyone think this is a good idea??? Lets take a device that scratches to all hell as soon as you breathe on it, and take the one surface area that doesn’t scratch and turn it into the same surface as the rest. This device requires a sheath in order to keep it in order, but of course that can’t cover the click wheel otherwise nothing will work. I wish Apple could focus some of its efforts on developing a surface that doesn’t shred on contact, thus pissing off customers as soon as they buy it….or how about upgrading iTunes to have a consistent UI….or…ugh…people have been asking for this since day one….I give up….