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How to find the most functional car possible…

Posted on June 24, 2006

As is the case with many jobs in Europe, mine comes with a lease car. When I started figuring out which car I wanted, I was told to keep a watch on Top Gear on the BBC for great reviews. Unfortunately this show is only really good for the entertainment value, or if I am looking for a new Ferrari or Lotus or some other exotic. Unfortunately that is just a little over my lease amount. So instead I have to stick to the entertainment side of things, and this show often comes through. In fact, in the most recent show I watched, they had a hilarious segment on building an amphibious car. As is typical with this program, the three hosts buy a car and then modify it to compete in a challenge. What we end up seeing are three different ways to accomplish the goal: a brute force method, a kitchen sink option, and a more regal and classic choice. Watch and fall on the floor laughing: Top Gear on Amphibious Cars