Posting what you can do and what will kill you

Kathy Sierra has a recent post about how nice it is to see a sign that tells you to do what most signs tell you not to do. There is a sign at the entrance to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney that asks you to please DO walk on the grass. Thats a great sign. But in that same city I saw two signs that were very different on my last trip there. Both had a common theme: don’t do something, but if you do, you’re dead, but if you survive you will wish you were dead.


The first was at the Sydney Aquarium. The hotel I stay at in Sydney is the Sheraton Four Points Darling Harbor. Its a crappy hotel, but it lets me add a bunch of nights to my Starwood Platinum membership and its far cheaper than the 450 or so Australian dollar per night Westin up the street. The aquarium is almost next door and is a very nice facility; combined with the wildlife center next door, it makes for a great way to spend the afternoon. Anyway, above the crocodile enclosure was this sign:



If the fall does not kill you

the crocodile will


below that was a nice visual of a croc chomping on a falling human. Nice!!!


The other sign I saw was across the harbor towards the ocean. There  was a great sign that warned me that I would probably die from the fall. If on the off chance I actually survived, then I would have to pay someone to get me out.



Resize a webform automatically

When designing a workflow in Captaris Workflow, one of your options is to use WebForms for all the UI. When doing this, we will usually open the form to some less than useful size and the enduser will usually resize the form to be able to use it. Resizing the form automatically is easy enough to do, but I always forget what the JavaScript should look like to do that. So here it is…just stick this in the PageLoad method and set the size to the right size for that form. Easy… Hopefully next time I need it, I won’t have to search for 10 minutes for this no-brainer…

Captaris Workflow – Getting the Overdue Event to Fire

One of the common questions I get from Captaris customers is how to get the overdue event to fire. The reason this question comes up is that some of our method names are downright confusing, and I think we changed something here because it doesn’t look the same as I remember it.

In Captaris Workflow, there are a series of events that fire on any given task: Ready, Execute, Overdue, Failed, Reset, and Complete. Ready fires when the task is ready, but nothing has been done. Execute means a task has started but not necessarily finished. Overdue means the time alloted to complete the task has passed, but its not complete yet. Failed means something went wrong. Reset happens when the task is reset by the owner or administrator. And Complete means the task is complete and moves on to the next. At each one of these events, something can happen…anything you want.

There are two ways to set when that overdue event fires. By default, the task becomes overdue 1 year after it becomes ready. Usually you will want to change that. The easiest way is to drag the Set Overdue Date custom action on to the Ready event of the task and set it to the relative date it will be overdue. This will be Now plus some amount of time. There is no coding required to do this. But sometimes you will want a bit more flexibility that what this offers. For that, use the SetReminderForOverdueEvent method. It expects a DateTime, so just give it a time for when the overdue event should fire.

Community Server 2007 Theme

A few months ago, Community Server 2007 was released. I updated for one main reason, a new theming engine called Chameleon. I was determined to come up with a new theme that WASN’T the paperclip or the CS tree that is on everyone else’s site. So I started from scratch to design something amazing. Unfortunately I discovered that it was a helluva tough to do it all from scratch. So I ended up with a theme that was pretty lame. When the Telligent guys announced they were doing a theme contest, I wanted in and planned to do something great, but didn’t quite get to it. The deadline came and went and I had nothing. But then they extended the deadline. Whew! But then it came again….I noticed on the day that the time was up. Thankfully I am in Amsterdam and the 9AM CST end time was several hours away. I took the new Basic theme as a starting point and within a couple of hours, I felt I had something pretty cool. So I submitted it. I figured I would be one of a few dozen, but there were only 6 submissions. But it was so easy?!?! Whats up with that??? Anyway, go check out the themes and vote. Mine is obviously TVBrown. I screwed up a bit with the way IE shows the theme so I am going to update that soon (looks better in Firefox).

First YouTube Video

As you know, I stay in a lot of hotels. Recently I started recording little videos of my rooms. After eliminating most of the umms and ahhhs I posted it to YouTube. Its from the Crowne Plaza in Auckland, New Zealand. Enjoy!