How I Finally Clued In To How Amazing ScreenFloat Is

This morning I was trying to read some docs for a cool little command line utility called XMLStarlet. Unfortunately the docs were written so that the sample commands referred to sample content defined a few pages earlier in the document. That meant that I needed a lot of scrolling back and forth to fully understand what I was reading. Thankfully just a few weeks ago I had bought a great little app called ScreenFloat from Eternal Storms. I was able to take a quick shot of the sample xml docs, then refer to it very easily while reading the example commands further down the page. Its kinda hard to describe, so I recorded a quick little demo for you to watch instead.

Shipping from the Netherlands Isn’t So Great Either

I think I almost implied something yesterday but it was not intentional. In fact, I have to write this to say it definitely is not the case. I was talking about shipping from the US being painful. Well its not much better when it comes from the country I live in. One of the reasons for this is that the main shipping company, TNT, is mostly incompetent. Yesterday I ordered something from They say that if you order by 10 or 10:30 PM, you will get it the next morning. They get the package to TNT by about 11 that night and its up to TNT to go the rest of the way. After all, that is the main function of TNT. But in my case, they will do that maybe 60-70% of the time. The rest of the time, they don’t. Whats their excuse?

Screen Shot 2011 09 02 at 7 28 24 PM

Parcel not yet delivered. Status data not yet available. If this was the first time it happened, I would call Coolblue and complain. But it happens so often with TNT that I am just not surprised. If you call TNT, they just say something like: no, we didn’t deliver it today, maybe we’ll deliver it Monday. They didn’t actually tell me that this time, but they did use those words last time.

I actually ordered two things yesterday, both of which were to be delivered to my office. The other item, despite clearly having an aflever (delivery) address of my office, was actually shipped to my home. This also happens a lot with various retailers in this country. Dutch shipping is why I often prefer to drive over to a store to pick it up: you never really know where or when a package you order might actually be delivered, regardless of when you are promised to receive it.