About the Author

My name is Matt Williams and I am the technovangelist. I have had this domain since 1992, long before anyone else ever used the term. The site is a place for me to write about what I am working on, what I enjoy, where I go. 

I obviously do not rely on this site to support myself. Right now I am between jobs but up until the end of June 2012, I was the Sr International Training at OpenText in the Fax & Document Distribution Group.

My role at OT was to travel the world and work with our customers and partners to ensure they full understand how to use our products. It got me to places I never imagined I would see. And I went to each place often. It was totally amazing!!! 

The trainings I delivered were targeted at developers, administrators, and installers for the products formally known as Captaris Alchemy, Rightfax, and Workflow.

I write about what I do in other places as well. First there is the faxsolutionsblog.opentext.com weblog. That’s a place where everyone in my team will write about topics related to our jobs. Related to that blog is youtube.com/opentextfddg. I occasionally post videos there about technical topics related to Open Text products. 

On the more personal side, I post to twitter at twitter.com/technovangelist. And I have a photoblog that I post to at chromagenic.com. The photos on there are actually hosted on my flickr account at flickr.com/technovangelist.

Wow, that’s a lot of places to find me. But stick around here or subscribe to my feed to ensure that you stay on top of whatever I am caring about now.

For a current copy of my resume, please visit technovangelist.com/resume.