About the Technovangelist

Ahhh, Technovangelist. That's a domain name I have had for a very long time. It was originally a suggestion by a colleague when I was working at Progressive Strategies in New York City. That was 1992 or 1993. Yes, a very long time indeed.

Where did that name come from? At the time I was an analyst, writing reviewer's guides, whitepapers, and more for customers like BMC, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. It was an amazing role for someone fresh out of college as I was. That colleague noticed that I would take any of the technologies we worked with, get to know it deeply, then share it's benefits with everyone in a super passionate way. He thought I was a definition of technical evangelist.

Since then every role I have had has been, in one way or another, a variation on the personal title. Whether it was a Sales Engineer at NetObjects, a Product Manager at Microsoft, a Trainer at Captaris/OpenText. Since moving back to the US (the OT role was in Amsterdam), I have been an Evangelist. First with Yottaa, then Placester, and now Datadog.

In my role as an Evangelist I take on new technologies, and come up with talks that I deliver at all sorts of events. I tweet about them, write about them, and just try to get everyone as excited about them as I am. It's pretty freaking cool.