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Keeping Todoist Top of Mind
How do you keep track of the stuff you need to get done? How do you ensure you are really on top of it all. At work, we use Trello and Slack…
How to create a great presentation
This is a draft of an article I am working on. I wouldn’t say its complete, but I think most of the ideas are there. Let me know what you…
RAVPower updates the FileHub
A few months ago, I made a video about the RAVPower FileHub Plus ( ). Its definitely my most…
The BEST portable teleprompter?
Teleprompters are great tools to help you make your videos far more professional. I have been searching for the perfect portable…
Creating Docker Images with AWS CodeBuild
At AWS re:INVENT 2017, I spoke about Lambda and Step Functions (No, I don’t know why it got renamed at the last minute to best practices…
Working with Workman
A few years ago I made a change in the way I work. It’s a change that is generally positive with regards to my productivity, but I would…
CSV Lookup with Typinator for Working with Repetitive Forms
Datadog just had it’s third customer summit this week in Austin Texas . I gave two workshops there to help customers get up to speed on…
Deciding I Need To Use AWS CodeBuild
If you at least partially live in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) world, then you know that re:INVENT is coming up in just a few weeks. That…
Moved Technovangelist to a New Site
This weekend I built a new site. Why? Not sure. I have lots of reasons, but none are so strong that they are the main reason to do it. I…
Reading The Next 93 – A goal for 2017
Books that my wife and I have checked out right now that I am eager to read Books we own and I want to reread Books that we own but I never…

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