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Sometimes Kelby Has Some Bizarre Things To Say

Added on by MattW.


One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is that of Scott Kelby over at scottkelby.com. Usually he has interesting things to say about taking better pictures. But occasionally he says something...misguided....but true. Yesterday's post was an example of one of these less than accurate articles. He was talking about standard frame sizes and why the 8x12 frame size should replace the more acceptable 8x10.

I agree. I agree wholeheartedly that the 8x10 frame size should disappear in favor of 8x12. Actually, I would suggest going further and join the rest of the world by going to a 210x297 mm size instead. All of my commercial prints in the last 5 years have been the 20x30cm standard size and frames (over here) are very easy to come by.

But Scott's reasoning is completely flawed. I assume he was just having a bad day. He said its because digital is replacing 35mm film for the standard type of camera people own today. But where this is screwed up is that 35mm film and most common digital sensors have roughly the same aspect ratio. So he should have said 8x12 should be the standard size since 35mm has replaced 8x10 glass plates as the most popular image capture format.