Blogs are a great way for the reader to get to understand what a person cares about at any rough range of time, usually focused on the now. On my blog (be sure to read through it here), you can very easily see what I have cared about in the last few days or weeks, but trying to understand what I have done years ago is a bit more difficult. Also, major projects at my places of work will rarely make it to the blog since at the time, those are probably the intellectual property of my employer and by the time they aren’t, they are less interesting to me. On this page you will find an updated copy of my resume which you can download. But most importantly you can find information about some of the bigger deliverables I have produced (if I have actually saved them). 

This page was last updated on February 17, 2013.

You can reach me by phone at +1 781-808-6373, via Skype at etherm, via Twitter @technovangelist or via email at

Most Recent Resumé (updated February 2013)


Work Videos

Work Blogs

Getting Started with Yottaa OptimizerJanuary 2013 – An evaluator’s guide covering the Optimizer in detail – Original LinkWeb VersionBusiness Continuity and OpenText Fax ServerJune 2010 – A whitepaper written to provide a complete view of Fax Server’s redundancy options. Original LinkLocal Copy.

RightFax SecureDocs Implementation GuideDecember 2010 – A guide to show how you can customize a SecureDocs Implementation using various techniques. Original LinkLocal Copy


Other Resources


PSPad Setting for building DataGrabber Scripts – For people who are not used to designing DataGrabber Scripts for OpenText RightFax, the grammar is a bit cryptic. This simple addin makes it easier to write these scripts – Local Copy.

Presentation from TechInMotion – January 2013 – Recording of a presentation given at a Boston meetup – Yottaa LinkAlchemy Productivity Suite v.9 – January 2012 – A fun and engaging intro to APS 9 – FaxDocs Link

Notebook Diagram – RightFax Architecture – January 2012 – Watch as I diagram out the architecture of RightFax in my notebook – FaxDocs Link

Ricoh and the RightFax MFP Module September 2011 – This video explains the process of sending a fax from a Ricoh MFP – FaxDocs Link

Using CTRL-F10 To Find Important Faxes – September 2011 – Whodathunk such a simple keystroke would be so exciting! – FaxDocs Link

Faxing Just Got EasyDecember 2010 – A short, flashy, and exciting video to introduce customers to the new Fax Appliance – YouTube Link.

Introduction to Certified DeliveryAugust 2010 – Many of our customers aren’t aware of this amazing add-on for RightFax. This quick video shows you how to use the module to replace competitors such as YouSendIt, and others. – YouTube Link.

Creating Custom Administration ToolsOctober 2009 – How to create administration tools using Microsoft Management Console. YouTube Link.

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What to Test For When Deploying New CodeFebruary 7, 2013 – Blog post discussing how to run the right tests when deploying new code to your website – Yottaa BlogPerformance Benefits of Responsive Image LoadingJanuary 24, 2013 – Blog post covering the benefits of implementing image lazy loading – Yottaa Blog

How Does Minifying and Concatenating JavaScript Impact Site PerformanceJanuary 16, 2013 – Blog Post covering the benefits of optimizing your JavaScript – Yottaa Blog

Announcing the Video-Based Complimentary RightFax Admin Course – March 26, 2012 – In March I created a video version of our comp admin class. Go ahead, join the class and tell me what you think – FaxSolutionsBlog

Announcing FaxDocs.tvJanuary 15, 2012 – I spent a few months building a new video platform. This post opens it to the public – FaxSolutionsBlog

How to Figure Out Which Image Corresponds to a Fax – August 29, 2011, August 31, 2011, September 6, 2011 – A 3-part blog with a question and 2 answers – Question on FaxsolutionsBlog, Answer 1 on FaxSolutionsBlog, Answer 2 on FaxSolutionsBlog

Why a Plus Isnt Always a Plus Especially When the Plus Should Be a Plus – July 1, 2011 – Confusing title, even more confusing topic…explained – FaxSolutionsBlog

Yes, You Can Even Send Faxes From PineFebruary 23, 2011 – After the SMTP video was posted, someone called me on a comment made in the video: faxing from Pine? Really? Yes, really! – FaxSolutions Blog.

The Open Text TwitterectoryNovember 12, 2010 – A comprehensive list of every Open Text employee with a Twitter account. Updated every time I hear of someone new. – FaxSolutions Blog.

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