Resume – Blogs

This page lists out the rest of the blog entries I have written over the last few years. As you can see, I have been quite busy.

The posts can be found in the following blog sites: 

Yottaa Blog – I regularly contribute to the Yottaa Blog on all topics.

Fax Solutions Blog – I regularly contributed to the Open Text Fax & Document Distribution Group’s blog when I was an OpenText employee. As of February 20, 2011, 25% of the content was authored by me.

Fax Learning Blog – I initially created this blog for the group I was in at OpenText. It eventually got rolled into the blog listed above. I created a majority of the content.

What to Test For When Deploying New Code – February 7, 2013 – Blog post discussing how to run the right tests when deploying new code to your website – Yottaa Blog

Performance Benefits of Responsive Image Loading – January 24, 2013 – Blog post covering the benefits of implementing image lazy loading – Yottaa Blog

How Does Minifying and Concatenating JavaScript Impact Site Performance – January 16, 2013 – Blog Post covering the benefits of optimizing your JavaScript – Yottaa Blog

Your Website Will Have Issues – October 24, 2012 – Blog Post covering the Issues feature of Yottaa Monitor – Yottaa Blog

Interesting Industry Ready – WebPerfDays Followup – October 18, 2012 – Blog Post covering some a recent event – Yottaa Blog

Announcing the Video-Based Complimentary RightFax Admin Course – March 26, 2012 – In March I created a video version of our comp admin class. Go ahead, join the class and tell me what you think – FaxSolutionsBlog

Be a Part of the Conversation – March 12, 2012 – Join us for the monthly FaxDocs Live – FaxSolutionsBlog

Notebook Diagram Video Online – January 25, 2012 – Blog to announce the Notebook Diagram video – FaxSolutionsBlog

Alchemy Productivity Suite is Coming – January 22, 2012 – Blog to announce the APS Intro video – FaxSolutionsBlog

Announcing – January 15, 2012 – I spent a few months building a new video platform. This post opens it to the public – FaxSolutionsBlog

Faxes of Note – December 1, 2011 – A cool fax from Stephen Hawking – FaxSolutionsBlog

Are You On Google+? – November 21, 2011 – Join us on Google+ – FaxSolutionsBlog

Fax Fundamentals Course Now Offered in EU – November 2, 2011 – Now you can join us for training online in EU hours – FaxSolutionsBlog

How to Send a Fax From a Ricoh MFP – September 16, 2011 – Blog announcing the Ricoh MFP video – FaxSolutionsBlog

How Much Disk Space Do You Need? – September 13, 2011 – One of the first topics in class – FaxSolutionsBlog

How to Find a Fax Using an Old Keystroke – September 9, 2011 – Blog announcing my CTRL-F10 video – FaxSolutionsBlog

Looking Back on the Video Hits – September 8, 2011 – Just a review of some of the most popular videos – FaxSolutionsBlog

Faxing from Outlook Web Access – September 2, 2011 – Blog announcing the video on faxing from OWA – FaxSolutionsBlog

How to Figure Out Which Image Corresponds to a Fax – August 29, 2011, August 31, 2011, September 6, 2011 – A 3-part blog with a question and 2 answers – Question on FaxsolutionsBlogAnswer 1 on FaxSolutionsBlogAnswer 2 on FaxSolutionsBlog

HP MFPs and RightFax – August 28, 2011 – Blog announcing the HP MFP Video – FaxSolutionsBlog

Faxing from Outlook Web Access – August 26, 2011 – Before the video came this blog describing how faxing from OWA works – FaxSolutionsBlog

Using the iPad at Work – August 24, 2011 – My experience with using the iPad at work – FaxSolutionsBlog

What Does That Status Message Mean – August 21, 2011 – A discussion of the different status messages you might see in Enterprise Fax Manager – FaxSolutionsBlog

Why a Plus Isnt Always a Plus Especially When the Plus Should Be a Plus – July 1, 2011 – Confusing title, even more confusing topic…explained – FaxSolutionsBlog

How to OCR in RightFax – June 22, 2011 – Blog announcing the OCR video – FaxSolutionsBlog

Marking a Fax as Confidential – June 15, 2011 – Blog announcing the Forms video – FaxSolutionsBlog

Creating Custom Coversheets – June 13, 2011 – Blog announcing the Custom Coversheets video – FaxSolutionsBlog

Introduction to RightFax SAP Integration – June 12, 2011 – Blog announcing the SAP Integration video – FaxSolutionsBlog

Making Signature in RightFax – May 19, 2011 – How to use and make signatures in RightFax – FaxSolutionsBlog

RightFax is Always Improving – May 3, 2011 – A look at a recent update to RightFax – FaxSolutionsBlog

Getting SecureDocs to Work with SSL – May 2, 2011 – Blog to solve a problem a colleague had with SecureDocs – FaxSolutionsBlog

How to Automatically Route Faxes When No Routing Code Is Available – March 11, 2011 – How to use OCR routing in RightFax – FaxSolutionsBlog

How To Send A Fax From Google Apps – March 7, 2011 – Using Google Docs, Google Apps Script, and the RightFax SMTP Integration, I create a way to send faxes from Google Apps – FaxSolutionsBlog

How To Send A Fax From Any Application From The Fax Appliance – March 4, 2011 – Intro to how to use the Print To Fax client in the Appliance – FaxSolutionsBlog

Fax 101 – How To Send A Fax From Microsoft Outlook – March 3, 2011 – Companion blog entry to the YouTube video – FaxSolutionsBlog.

Reporting on the Fax Appliance A102 and A104 – March 2, 2011 – Responding to a comment on an earlier blog, this covers the basic reporting built into the device – FaxSolutionsBlog.

Email Notifications on the Fax Appliance – March 1, 2011 – A colleague asked me about the email notifications on the new appliance. This blog answers the question. – FaxSolutions Blog.

Is There A Simpler Way To Address A Fax? – February 28, 2011 – After the SMTP video a few days ago, someone asked if simple addressing still worked. This blog covers that question. – FaxSolutions Blog.

Introduction to the Fax Appliance A102 and A104 – February 25, 2011 – Companion blog entry to the video on YouTube. – FaxSolutions Blog.

Yes, You Can Even Send Faxes From Pine – February 23, 2011 – After the SMTP video was posted, someone called me on a comment made in the video: faxing from Pine? Really? Yes, really! – FaxSolutions Blog.

How To Add A Feature To RightFax – February 22, 2011 – Written as a reminder to myself as much as to blog readers, coverage of how to install other features – FaxSolutions Blog.

Fax101 – How To Send A Fax From A SMTP Client  – February 21, 2011 – Companion blog entry to the video on YouTube. – FaxSolutions Blog.

Would You Like Your Picture To Show Up Here? – February 9, 2011 – An attempt to get more people to use so their photos show up next to their comments. – FaxSolutions Blog.

How To Find Hidden Users In RightFax – February 9, 2011 – How to use a simple SQL query to find hidden users in RightFax. – FaxSolutions Blog.

Did You Know We Offer Free Administrator Training For Rightfax? – December 3, 2010 – Advertisement to the free WebEx-based trainings that I deliver. – FaxSolutions Blog.

What To Do When [PickAServiceName] Just Wont Start – December 1, 2010 – Every now and then I hit a situation where a particular service won’t start. This is a reminder on how to solve some of those problems. – FaxSolutions Blog.

The Open Text Twitterectory – November 12, 2010 – A comprehensive list of every Open Text employee with a Twitter account. Updated every time I hear of someone new. – FaxSolutions Blog.

FaxAdmin – The Video Series For The Administrator/Partner – September 8, 2010 – Introduction to a new video series, plus the companion blog entry to the Production Fax video on YouTube. – FaxSolutions Blog.

Back to Basics – Fax 101 – September 2, 2010 – An intro to the newest series of videos for the new RightFax enduser – FaxSolutions Blog

Erlangs and What They Mean To You – July 29, 2010 – A more accurate way to come up with number of channels required – FaxSolutions Blog

Three Minutes To Install an OpenText Fax Gateway – April 27, 2010 – The quickest way to get started with the new Fax Gateway – FaxSolutions Blog

Using RightFax Sync Module to Synchronize Group Memberships – February 25, 2010 – How to sync AD properties into RightFax – FaxSolutions Blog

Adding a Database to Alchemy Server with the API – February 16, 2010 – How to automate the addition of a database using the Alchemy API – FaxSolutions Blog

Configuring MS Exchange 2010 UM for Inbound Faxing – January 19, 2010 – A pointer to Joshua Butcher’s blog on the topic – FaxSolutions Blog

Are You Showing Your RightFax Password To Everyone – January 14, 2010 – A technical look at different ways to login to FaxUtil. Updated May 4, 2011 – FaxSolutions Blog

Synchronizing Multiple Groups of Users Into RightFax – December 9, 2009 – How to sync AD properties into RightFax – FaxSolutionsBlog

Creating a Custom Management Interface for Alchemy – October 28, 2009 – How to create an MMC for building an Alchemy database – FaxSolutions Blog