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Finding the standard American/English breakfast

November 06, 2005

I am really enjoying the food here in Amsterdam. The choices are vast and even what some have called traditional Dutch is really wonderful. Though I haven’t had any of these dishes that are just mashed potatoes with stuff mixed in. But despite the selection of food being wonderful, there is one thing I haven’t quite found yet. That is a place that serves a real American or English breakfast that I crave on a Saturday or Sunday morning. You know, the kind of breakfast I could go into any diner-type place in the US to get. My favorite was always the 5–Spot in Seattle, or even the American classic: Denny’s. The breakfasts I get here that try to emulate the classics often include a few items that ruin it all: runny scrambled eggs, a fried egg with a solid yellow part, wierd stringy fatty bacon, lightly scorched bread intended to be toast. If any of these get included on a plate, it ruins it all. And any attempts at a salad should never be put on an American breakfast plate. What I expect are two eggs, over easy, two or three strips of quality bacon, perhaps some hashbrowns, and if I am in the Denny’s Grand Slam mood, a couple of pancakes, though I am rarely in that mood. Its a simple breakfast, but it seems impossible to get here.

Please understand, I am not looking for an american breakfast everyday. At home I only had this on one weekend day each week. And its not because I want all food here to be like what I found in the US. I love the variety of food here. Overall, from what I have found, the food here is on par or better than what you find in the US…perhaps with the exception of Sushi…not always the freshest fish. So can any of the few Amsterdam-based readers help me out?

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