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Speeding up Omea

February 09, 2006

Over the years I have been a user of a number of RSS reader applications. NewsGator was a favorite for a while, then FeedDemon, RSSBandit, and a whole bunch of others. Right now I am using Omea Pro 2.1.1. But I was getting ready to switch again. The problem I was having with Omea was that it took SOOOO FREAKING LONG to start. Upwards of 3–5 minutes to start an application. Not every time, just some of the time. Its ridiculous. Then I looked at the Plugins in the Options menu. In order to show you that Omea does a lot of things, they enable everything. There are plugins for Miranda (I don’t know what Miranda is), ICQ, Outlook, and more. So I turned off a bunch that I either don’t understand or simply don’t want (Contacts, ICQ, Miranda, Outlook, Tasks). Wow, Omea now starts in less than 5 seconds every time. Excellent.

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