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A beautiful day in Zagreb

March 21, 2006

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Zagreb. It was also the first day of the Workflow class I am teaching. At lunch we went up to the top floor of the building where the company’s cafeteria is. But the highlight is that this place has a roof deck. 

Now last time I was here, a roof deck wouldn’t have been well used as it was in the upper 20s to lower 30s (I still think in Farenheit). But yesterday had to be in the upper 60s. Clear skies, minimal wind. It made for a very pleasant lunch.

The class itself (the reason I am here) is also going very well. Nine people from different departments with different skillsets makes it a bit interesting, but without that the class would be very boring for me. There is nothing you could learn from me that you can’t learn yourself with a few months of practice. What makes the class worthwhile is learning from the mistakes that are made. And with a larger group (I usually stick to 5 or 6 people), lots of different types of mistakes are made. Hopefully everyone is able to learn from those mistakes. I also like to do group exercises. Yesterday I described a scenario, split the group in two, and had them work it out. They both got the general idea, but one of the details was implemented very differently in each group. Both were completely valid solutions so I had each present their solution.

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