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Are there any customer-friendly technology stores in the Netherlands?

May 17, 2006

Ugh. The other day I placed an order from, an online reseller of computer accessories. Actually, I thought of placing an order so I called ahead of time since it was a bit confusing on the site. I asked if they had two items: a 160GB laptop drive, and an UltraBay Slim drive housing to plug the drive into the DVD drive slot on my Thinkpad. The guy said yes. So I asked if I could pick it up today. And then he changed his answer to say that he could order it and it would take 1–3 days. I had to think about it but he mentioned I could place the order on the website. If he had it in stock, it becomes more of an impulse buy and it would have been done quickly.

So after a bit of thought I placed the order on the site. I was busy doing lots of other things that day, but after  a while I contacted them to ask why I never received any confirmation from them. I was told that I could call in for that confirmation. A while later I came back to my pc to see that an email arriving confirming my order and all was well.

Fast forward three days. I hadn’t heard anything else. Going up to the website it didn’t look like anything had been done, so I called them. No answer. So I emailed instead. Next day I get an answer that says they haven’t done anything because they are waiting for me to confirm the order with them.

Why do they even bother with a website if placing orders via that site mean absolutely nothing. Why couldn’t they tell me they needed confirmation from me when I placed the order. In fact, in the final email response they mentioned they needed a 10% deposit before they could order the laptop drive. Again, this was in the final email 6 days after I placed the order.

Has anyone had any luck purchasing anything from TakeItNow? Are there any resellers of technology goods in the Netherlands that are worth bothering with???

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