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World Time from SlickRun

September 10, 2006

I have been a fan of SlickRun ever since I first heard of the tool, way before the author went to work for MSFT. Its one of the first things I install on every new machine I use. Now that I live in Amsterdam and my family and coworkers are all over the world, I have to figure out what the local time is every time I call. I can’t just remember that my parents are 9 hours behind, because when I am in Dubai, or Singapore, or Melbourne, well, they aren’t. So I constantly go up to something like and navigate around to find their time. But now there is a better way. I just type – (Thats my shortcut to bring up SlickRun), and then type time new york, or time sydney, or time seattle, or time hong kong and I get google to tell me the local time there. Very slick. The Magic word I set up is time, and the filename is:$W$%22. Now everything I type after time is wrapped in quotes and sent to Google. I found out about this little Google feature from LifeHacker and I am so damned excited about it.

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