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First Look at GTech (a Graffiti theme for the Technovangelist)

November 30, 2006

I switched over to Graffiti on Saturday and also took on creating my own theme for the site. I did this with Community Server and it was quite difficult. I spent over a week with it and I came up with a terrible theme. But I entered it into the theme contest at Telligent and won a free CS license. There were less than 10 entries which probably shows how difficult it is to come up with a theme for CS.

I was a bit worried I would have the same problem with Graffiti. It started out badly…I searched for documentation and found the same thing as with CS: what little documentation for Graffiti is out there is really awful. In fact, when you go to the Graffiti site, much of the documentation you have to search for. But when you are new to a topic, you don’t know what to search for. Also, the little bit of documentation out there only explains how to do something, not necessarily why you want to do it.

Anyway, I plugged away and by late Sunday night, I have something that I actually really like. I am not a fan of the bright and colorful sites out there but I also hate seeing the more boring plain text sites. So I wanted something a bit in the middle. I feel that there is enough interesting style to this layout without being too gaudy.

I still have some tweaking to do but the majority of it is there. Tomorrow is a holiday here in the Netherlands, but I will really try hard to get outside into the gorgeous weather…perhaps out for a nice drive… Oh well, time for bed now.

UPDATE: oops, no ability to post comments, back to one of the default themes

UPDATE 2: OK, now I have enabled comments in GTech.

UPDATE 3: Switching to Squarespace, so this is no more

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