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Community Server 2007 Theme

January 19, 2007

A few months ago, Community Server 2007 was released. I updated for one main reason, a new theming engine called Chameleon. I was determined to come up with a new theme that WASN’T the paperclip or the CS tree that is on everyone else’s site. So I started from scratch to design something amazing. Unfortunately I discovered that it was a helluva tough to do it all from scratch. So I ended up with a theme that was pretty lame. When the Telligent guys announced they were doing a theme contest, I wanted in and planned to do something great, but didn’t quite get to it. The deadline came and went and I had nothing. But then they extended the deadline. Whew! But then it came again….I noticed on the day that the time was up. Thankfully I am in Amsterdam and the 9AM CST end time was several hours away. I took the new Basic theme as a starting point and within a couple of hours, I felt I had something pretty cool. So I submitted it. I figured I would be one of a few dozen, but there were only 6 submissions. But it was so easy?!?! Whats up with that??? Anyway, go check out the themes and vote. Mine is obviously TVBrown. I screwed up a bit with the way IE shows the theme so I am going to update that soon (looks better in Firefox).

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