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Do you know of a parking garage in OudWest Amsterdam?

December 13, 2007

OK, this is not likely to get results, but I have to try. I live in Amsterdam and I just bought a place in Oud West. I signed up for street parking 2 months ago and have only another 22 months to wait. Until then I need a place to park. I know I can do Europark or whatever that is called on Marnixstraat, but I was hoping for something closer. I currently park in a garage on Govert Flinkstraat that you would never find normally because it is unmarked. I am hoping one of you know of something like that in my area. So if you know of a garage in Oud West, preferably in the red zone below, but also in the blue zone, please let me know. If you know how to get a monthly pass at Staringplein, I would be interested in that too.

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