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March 19, 2008

Wow, its been some time since I last posted here. Lots of travel, and mostly being sick. I moved into my new apartment at the end of January and then about 2 weeks later I got sick. Very Sick. 2 weeks later, I got on a plane to go to Argentina…still sick. Then I spent a hard week of working in Buenos Aires (It WAS alot of work), while still sick. Then a week in Seattle. I thought I had gotten better but then a tickle in the throat started. By the end of the week I was feeling like death again. The flight was hell and when I landed in Amsterdam, my ears hadn’t popped. The taxi back to my apartment was tough, constantly coughing. An hour in my apartment to shower and repack a bag, and I was off to Central Station for a train to Brussels. I was actually heading to a much smaller town south of Brussels where Dialogic has an office. Dialogic is a very important partner for Captaris and I was going to attend a Fax over IP class they were holding. I was to change trains at Brussels North, but the connecting train got cancelled…twice. An hour on a cold wet train platform totally sucked. So then I took a cab instead. That first day in class was tough. The instructor’s voice was fading(she was sick too, but was still going, amazing) and my ears still hadn’t popped so I couldn’t hear anything. Thankfully two Theraflus that night at the hotel fixed me up and by morning I could hear. The second day of class was much more successful, but the instructor’s voice was down to a whisper (but she kept going!!). By the weekend, the illness had come back in full force. Monday I returned to the doctor, and yesterday got an X-Ray to try to figure out what is wrong. But I think I am on the mend. Still a bit of a cough, but nowhere near as bad as I was a month ago, or even 3 days ago.

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