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That Magic Pad Thing

July 28, 2010


I know what you are thinking. Over the last few days, this blog has gone all Mac….whats up with that? I don’t know…just what I am thinking about these days. Well you have probably seen that Apple released some new stuff yesterday. One of the items I am actually pretty excited about and will probably order. The Magic TrackPad looks to be pretty awesome, but I don’t think my plan for it is the same as the intended use.

I think the intended use is to sit there on your desk next to your keyboard and act like, well, a trackpad. But thats not what I want it for. I see it as an awesome presentation remote. When I do a presentation, I mix it up with a few slides and lots of demo. Using a mouse, either a regular wireless one or a fancier gyroscopic doodad is always a bit tough when wandering the room. But a device like this could be perfect. I could stand in front of the audience, holding this guy in my left hand, while mousing around using my right hand. Not so good for programming demos, but when I just have to guide a user through the interface, this is soooo perfect.

And its going for only 69 dollars? I need this. Where’s my wallet????

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