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My Newest Whitepaper Is Now Online

July 29, 2010

ishot-100729084346-1.jpgIt was a long review cycle, but my newest whitepaper is finally online. Wrote up a comprehensive discussion about our redundancy options in Open Text Fax Server. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how the product functions when bad stuff happens to your network. This hopes to clarify most of it. Like what happens if the fax servers in a collective die? What happens to the outgoing or incoming faxes? I tested all of this with some of my colleagues and even a few partners and the results are in this document. It was even better than we expected. You can find the document up on the FDDG subsite of Open Text. Go to, then click on the Resources dropdown on the upper right and choose White Papers. Or just click this link: You have to register for the download, but its worth it. I’ll do a more complete writeup on the FDDG blog very soon, but I wanted a brief post up here as well.

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