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Is This ABNAmro Interface Awkward For Everyone?

August 29, 2011

Every time I have to pay someone I have to deal with this interface. And every time I have to re-read the instructions because I find them confusing. Is it just me, or are these confusing to you?

Screen Shot 2011 08 29 at 10 27 10 AM

In the Netherlands, when you pay someone from a bank website, you say what you want to do, then a calculator-like device is used with your ATM card, and pin code, to verify that it really is you who wants to pull money from your account. You then enter the number the device gives you in the text box below the instruction list. Thats great, and I love it but these instructions are just odd. I feel that everything could be fixed if they moved the button press instructions to the end of the previous sentence. When I press OK the first time, I have to reread the instructions to make sure I am in the right place.

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