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How To Wake Up Every Day When I Want To

September 15, 2011

Alarm clocks have always been a problem for me. I have an alarm clock one day, then it gets left behind in a hotel room. Or I rely on the alarm on the Blackberry and the phone crashes that night (that happened way too often). I try to use the hotel alarm clock and I get AM and PM swapped around. It wasn’t until I had a reliable phone platform as well as an easy to use alarm app that this problem went away. EasyAlarms from Rogue Sheep is that app for me. Its just so damned easy.

I can set an alarm in a few taps, snooze, skip a day, edit. It works every time, it doesn’t have too many features, and it looks great. Why can’t all alarm apps be this good. Check out how I use EasyAlarms in this video:




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