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Time To Announce A BIG Change For Me

June 29, 2012

Some of you have noticed a bit of a change in my twitter feed. In fact a couple people even called me out on it: Where are the Fax tweets?

Yes, there has been a bit of a change. I’ll tell you some of what has changed today and I’ll let you in on a bit more in a week.

Ready for this? Its a big one.

Today is my last day at OpenText. Whew. Didn’t see that one coming.

Nearly eight years ago, I left Microsoft to become a Sales Engineer at Captaris. The move made a lot of sense for me at the time. I had been doing a lot of work with Sharepoint as a Technology Specialist for State & Local Government. As a former Product Manager for Sharepoint, it was a product I cared deeply about. But its big weakness at the time was the lack of a workflow engine. Captaris Workflow solved that and I was excited to work with the product. What made the role even better was the international component. Unfortunately, the international travel promise was yanked on day one, but it was still a fun job.

10 months later, I got that international flavor by moving into the training role based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Seven years in the role and I have had a blast. In that time I have been to Australia 17 times, Kuala Lumpur 4 or 5 times, Singapore 10 times, Dubai 15 or so times, along with several trips to Croatia, Norway, South Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Macao, Thailand, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and I am sure there are a few others I have left out. And to think just a few years before I had longed for a once in a lifetime trip to Australia.

So what’s next? Well, I’ll hold back on telling you for another week, but if you look at my recent tweets, you’ll get a feeling for the industry. There have been quite a few about javascript optimization, web performance, CDNs, and general web development. You can expect to see a lot more about these topics as well as others like Drupal, Magento, and all sorts of stuff.

I will let you know however that the new job is not in Amsterdam. Its not even in Europe. Thats right. Time to sell my apartment and move back to the US. Its a big decision and a big move. But this week is a chance to catch up on some sleep, and maybe take the train around to some of the towns I haven’t had a chance to see. If you have any suggestions of places I need to go, leave a comment below.

In a week I fly to Boston, Massachusetts for my first week on the job. I already met a few of the guys on the interview loop a couple months back and am totally excited to completely switch gears.

Its going to be a long list of firsts and firsts in a while. First startup in 13+ years since NetObjects. First US-based job in 8 years. First time in 10+ years I have worked in an HQ office. Even my last 3 years at Microsoft were spent in a branch; though I was in Redmond, State & Local Government sales was based in DC. First…well, so many reasons to be incredibly excited.

A big thanks goes out to all the people who have helped me out around the world in the job I am leaving. Watch out for the next update in a week when I fill you in on where I am going.

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