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Selling in the Netherlands can be hard

September 25, 2012

In preparation for my move to Boston, I have been trying to get rid of extra stuff in my apartment. This has proven to be a tough process because of some of the whackos out there. Take this one exchange I have been having for the last couple days.

I placed an ad for a Nikon SB600 Flash on Marktplaats works on a bidding system so I started the bidding at 80 Euros. I saw other SB600s going for 125, so that seemed like a good place to start from. The idea here is that you bid and the highest bid after an undefined amount of time wins.

So rather than bid, I got three emails from Daniel, although sometimes he goes by DF. They all said:

I’m interested for 80 Euros.

Fair enough. I responded first thing next morning with this:

I see you have sent 3 messages that you are interested but haven’t actually placed a bid. If you are interested, place the bid and we can proceed.

Several hours later he responds with this:

I do everything directly. No bidding. I pay in advance.

Sounds good at first, except there was already a bid in place and a direct offer higher than that. So I responded:

If you don’t want to bid, then lets make it 100 and be done with it.

That would allow him to beat out the existing offers and get him the flash. The response I got was not quite what I expected:

Why not 10000,- ??

Puzzling. Sure, I would love more money. I should have stopped at this point because this guy is not quite all there. But I went along:

If you want to go that high I am fine with that. But 100 is enough. 

But I was actually getting a bit tired so to end it I sent one more mail:

This is becoming a waste of time. If you want the flash then let me know and come up with a serious offer.

a few hours pass and I get:

I gave you your asked price!! So next time be more clear in the ad, you are waisting MY time

Again, the ad is set up as an auction where you bid the amount you want to pay. I was very clear with that. Not sure how it could have been done differently. I really should stop now….

I’m wasting your time? You won’t bid. You won’t go higher than an existing bid or offer. Why would I sell to you? If you ever were actually interested, the flash has been sold. 

I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist so I waited for his response:

So what? That’s why I send only e-mail (no bidding). I want to know from who I buy. You are very hateful and agressive. I would have never bought anything from you. You are also comming on my BLACK LIST of MP-people.
This list goes to about 3000 MP people.

Ahhh, thats the kicker. He had no intention of ever paying. There are a few Marktplaats folks who seem to enjoy bidding or emailing offers with no intention of paying. Usually they want me to send the item to Nigeria or some other far away country. Really, I have to stop replying to these types of emails, but this is getting fun:

Hateful and aggressive? Really? That’s a stretch. I placed an ad that had a starting bid. This is on a site for auctions. You refused to play by the rules and wanted special treatment. Ok so I gave you a price to avoid that process that has been in place for years. You refused wanting instead to have a special price lower than existing bids. Not really sure what I could have done differently. The fact that you have such a hard time dealing with people (3000 already) seems to indicate I made a good decision to sell to someone else. I’ll wait for your reply since you seem to like to have the last word. 

I am going to stay up waiting for his reply…I know he can’t resist…

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