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The Mac and The Watch

January 09, 2013

I used to wear my watch all the time. It’s a Seiko Sportura I picked up on one of my first trips to Dubai. It was the first watch I paid over 50 bucks for and at closer to 400-500 dollars, it was a fairly big investment. It stayed on my wrist all the time. I wore it everywhere for at least 6 years and when it was off, the lack of weight on my wrist just felt wierd. 

But if you look at my arm today, you might notice that the watch isn’t there. I don’t wear it anymore. It’s not that I don’t like the watch anymore, leaving it in a drawer for the last year. What changed it for me was the Mac. So at this point you are probably wondering what the Mac offers that caused me to stop wearing the watch. And the answer is nothing. The reason is because Mac made it painful.

The Sportura is a big watch. I have the black titanium wrist band which makes it feel even bigger. Everything was fine until I went to the Macbook Pro and its poorly designed wrist rest area. That hard, razor-sharp 90 degree angle at the front of the laptop would always catch the bottom of the watch wrist band. I would have to lift my arm and then rest it on the laptop. Every movement would then make a scratching sound on the aluminum. 

Compare that with the more beveled front of the Thinkpad I had used before: my wrist could slide on to the laptop without it catching. Rubbing the watch on the Thinkpad caused no scratching sound. And all of that makes sense based on what I have seen about how design is done by Apple vs the Thinkpad group at Lenovo. Apple makes something beautiful regardless of it’s users or it’s history. While the Thinkpads are an evolution of design with each generation building on the greatness of the earlier models. I can still see some aspects of that original butterfly keyboard in the latest Thinkpads and its incredible. 

I am 100% an Apple guy today but that doesn’t mean I think everything they do is perfect. I spend all of my time on a Macbook Pro but that doesn’t mean I can’t see the genius in the Thinkpad. In my perfect world, the Apple designers would find a way to integrate a more beveled front edge into the Macbook (and a thousand bonus points for implementing the Thinkpad keyboard with the Trackstick). Until then, the watch will stay off, sitting in a drawer somewhere.

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