Tracing the Black Box of Serverless

Serverless Days Boston 2019

Talk delivered on 03/12/19

Serverless is often seen as a bit of a black box. You write your functions, and then they are invoked on a platform on which you have no real visibility. Sure, there are metrics and logs, but figuring out where the bottlenecks are is a huge challenge. Understanding how the function relates to the other resources used is just as interesting. On the AWS platform, one underused tool to help solve these problems is X-Ray. In this talk, I will show you how you can use X-Ray to:

  • troubleshoot some of the more ornery issues with Lambda
  • get a better understanding of how your functions are invoked
  • and work with all three pillars of observability to provide complete visibility into your serverless infrastructure

About Matt

Matt is one of the Evangelists at Datadog and a former organizer of DevOps Days Boston and Serverless Days Boston. He is passionate about the power of monitoring and metrics to make large-scale systems stable and manageable. So he tours the country speaking and writing about monitoring with Datadog. When he's not on the road, he's coding. You can find Matt (technovangelist) on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. *

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