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Go build and install on save in SublimeText3
Update: Turns out every new Go developer makes this mistake. I realized the err of my ways with a week of writing this. When you just accept…
Dealing with slow outbound connections in Vagrant hosted WordPress
When I started working with WordPress on Vagrant yesterday I noticed that it was very slow. Turns out it was due to how Vagrant and…
It’s always good when I can finish my goals for the day
I had two goals for today…yes, it’s a holiday and I had goals. My wife is working today so I figured I might as well work on a few fun…
Single Clicking To Open A File In PHPStorm
I have been using PHPStorm for a few weeks and really enjoy it. I came here after using SublimeText 2&3 for the last few years, plus vim…
Using Codekit Hooks To Get Around A Libsass Issue
Recently, I ran into a problem with libsass and loud comments. As some of you know I am working on building WordPress themes. At its bare…
What a Difference…Part 2
Four months ago, I wrote a blog post describing the year up to September 2013 {.broken_link}. It was a whirlwind year for me. But the last…

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