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Excitement is…Coinstar

October 01, 2005

I don’t know about you but I have acquired a good deal of change over the last few years that I don’t ever use. When heading out for the day, its easier, and lighter, to put a few ones in my pocket than a few hundred pennies. Usually the change I have at the end of the day goes in one of two types of storage containers: a bowl/bucket/pot, or some flat surface. For the flat surface the floor under the bed works really well: its really big and its “outta sight outta mind”. In fact, every move over the last few years I have made has included a procedure of gathering loose change and pouring it into a big glass milk bottle that I then seal up with packing tape. This bottle has gotten very heavy recently and the other containers I use add up to dozens of pounds.

A while ago my dad mentioned he went to the Coinstar machine near his home with some change and said it was amazing. Yeah, its just a coin counting machine, but its so damned easy. I think he mentioned this because they have stayed at most of my apartments and seen the money I leave on the floor. In fact, my dad seems to make a point of letting me know when he finds a quarter in the living room

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