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LOOK OUT for what you…just…stepped in…

October 04, 2005

Another of the things I was told before I got here was that there is dog poo and trash everywhere in Amsterdam. Well I don’t notice any proliferation of trash. In fact, I think San Francisco, Seattle, and New York all have more visible trash on the streets. But the the dog crap is something that I am noticing…sometimes. Its not that its everywhere, but its often where you’d least expect it…like under your shoe. This morning I had to go find coffee. Rather than search too much I just went to Albert Hein (I think I am spelling that wrong) and picked up a bag of ground coffee. In the last 20 feet before turning the corner onto my street, I felt the bottom of my shoe slowly slide into a fresh pat of dog crap. I was in the middle of the sidewalk. What the hell is a dog doing its business there for?!?!?! And why didn’t the owner pick it up?!?!?! Damn it!!!

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