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Sushi around the world

November 22, 2005

One of the types of restaurants I go to in every city I visit is Sushi. I love it. I eat it everywhere. Some sushi restaurants are wonderful, lots of others really suck. Since moving to Amsterdam I have tried 3 or 4 there and, well, they aren’t great. I am told the restaurant in the big Japanese hotel towards the southern edge of the city is very good, but I haven’t tried it yet. Of course, as you would expect, most of the sushi spots in San Francisco and Seattle are absolutely magnificent. But then there are a few cities where I would expect crap sushi and find some of the best quality fish I have ever had. Zagreb is definitely one of those surprises. I went to Takenoko tonight in the Kaptol Centar mall. The quality of the fish was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately the quality of the service was among the worst restaurants on the planet. But the the fish allowed me to get past that. If you are in Zagreb, want a wonderful Japanese meal, and feel like getting ignored for much of the evening while waiting for some amazing rolls, then Takenoko is definitely worth a visit. And as long as I am mentioning surprise sushi spots, another that comes to mind was about a block away from the main Mormon temple in Salt Lake City. I don’t know how these places do it, but this restaurant (forgot the name) sticks in my mind as a source for very fresh and high quality fish. Zagreb and Salt Lake City….whodathunk…

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