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a quick rightfax faxutil tip – 16 shades for better looking faxes.

February 23, 2006

Whenever I am talking about Rightfax to a company that is already using the product, the one feature they are always surprised to hear about is the ability to have a better view of a fax. With the default install of FaxUtil, which is the client, faxes look fairly splotchy and ugly. Take this screenshot from a fax I just sent. 

Now that is pretty damned ugly. The problem is that its black and white, not grayscale. The fix is to go to Tools | Gray Scale and choose 16 Shades. But this only fixes it for this viewing session. To set this up for EVERY fax you view, go to Tools | Options and choose 16 Shades from the drop down at the bottom. Now all your faxes will look like this when you view them in FaxUtil. Of course, the actual fax looks the same when the person on the other end receives it.

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