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Snow, snow, and more snow…

February 28, 2006

Its snowing here in Amsterdam right now…again. I have been thinking back to other places I have lived in and I can’t think of any that had as many snow days as here. In San Francisco, the only snow I saw was trucked in for Johnny Mosely and a whole bunch of snowboarders on Filmore. In Seattle, it would snow one day per year and all hell would break lose on the roads. In New York it would pile down in a couple of days, with beautiful mountains at every corner for a few hours until they turned into dark grey chunks of taxi dust. Tallahassee certainly saw no snow and Miami? Yeah right. The only snow I saw growing up was shaved ice mounds at the University of Miami.

But here in Amsterdam it snowed a few days in December and quite a few in January. We are on our 3rd straight day of snow right now. It doesn’t really stick much, but it is falling. I went out this morning to take some photos and will post them, as soon as I finish writing that damned performance review my manager has been asking me to do for weeks now.

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