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Checked in to the Westin Zagreb

March 20, 2006

Ahh, lying down in a nice comfy  Westin bed. Its been an exhausting week of very early mornings in preparation for the class I taught last week as well as the class I start tomorrow here in Zagreb. The room is very nice:

But I have one question. In the bathroom there are two things resembling a toilet. One of them is in fact a toilet. But the other is something else. Its not one of those wierd things that shoots water up to clean…erm…your…erm…well, you know. This is like a sink, but down at calf level. Best I can come up with is perhaps a foot washer. Not sure why I need that versus just bending down in the shower. But perhaps there is another more unique purpose. After all, its not like I am in a prison and have to worry about bending over in a shower. So, can anyone clue me into what this thing is?

[update]: So, Julia Lerman pointed out to me that this is in fact a bidet. I alwasys thought bidets kinda shot liquid up to…um… auto clean, but I guess that then turns it into an enema delivery vehicle. I will have to experiment with this thing…

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