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Thieves Suck!!!

March 21, 2006

As I headed out to see the Ethnographical Museum this evening, I heard a bang. But then I am in a new place with lots of new sounds. I figured it was one of the streetcars as they forced their way down the road. Then amongst all the people I saw some delinquent stroll out of the bushes in front of the hotel. I figured he had done some drugs or something and barely noticed him or his dog. On the way back to the hotel after my very short visit at the museum, I noticed there was a police officer talking to someone next to a nice VW Passat or Jetta. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the front passenger window was smashed in. The car was in the general direction of the bang I heard 30 minutes earlier so I asked if this was done recently? I am pretty sure what I heard was this guy’s car getting smashed into, and the loser coming out of the bushes was the thief. Unfortunately, I am in a new place with new sounds and sights all around me. Everyone looks different, so remembering what anyone looks like is very difficult. I didn’t have much to tell them, but I felt so bad for him, especially after nearly the same thing happened to me about 3 weeks ago at the Hotel Vianen near my office. Luckily he only lost a cheap cell phone. My thief got my laptop bag and I am still remembering little things that were in that bag. Ugh, thieves really suck!!!

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