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December Update

December 15, 2006

Wow, 6 weeks since my last post. Hmmm….been busy. Taught a Workflow class here in the Netherlands, flew to the other side of the planet (the longest way round), then taught a Rightfax class in Sydney then a Workflow class in Auckland, drove around New Zealand’s South Island for a week, flew back here, attended a Fax over IP mini-class in Brussels and taught a Rightfax class back here in the Netherlands. Yeah, all in 6 weeks. But perhaps one of the most exciting things happened just today. Well, maybe exciting isn’t quite the right word….relieving may be better.

I was able to go down to the Amsterdam City Hall and pick up my Dutch Drivers License. Ahhhhh…. The application for this little item was first filed in May and it has taken this long to process it. I might go into the full story another time, but if you ever thought that American government agencies work slowly, your local DMV is a model of efficiency compared to what we deal with here. It reminded me of what a few people told me before I left the US. They all said something like: get ready to wait, nothing is done the easy way in Europe. If there is a more difficult, less efficient, more costly way of doing things, someone in Europe has taken that process and made it worse.

One other thing I have been working on is getting a second site set up. That new site will deal with my travels around the world, my experiences outside of work. Then I can focus Technovangelist purely on technology. Things like Workflow (both our more established solution as well as the newer Microsoft offering), Rightfax, Alchemy, integrations, interesting projects, and more. Hopefully over the Christmas holidays I can spend a little more time setting that other site up and segregating content. I’ll be doing that from my parent’s place in Poulsbo, Washington starting next week.

Next year will prove to be as busy as this year, and potentially even more so. I already have three trips to Australia planned, a few weeks in Bangkok, 2 or 3 visits to Dubai, and perhaps even South Africa, the Philipines, and Sri Lanka, as well as personal trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and more. It’s looking like it will be a great year.

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