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Cool USB Drive Letter Manager

December 20, 2006

During the course of my classes, I may want to distribute additional files to the students. Normally I do this with their own USB drives. The problem is that everytime I stick in a new USB stick, Windows tries to map it to G: but our IT folks have already mapped that to an internal network drive. Now it is easy enough to remap the USB drive to another location, but I have to do that for every new USB stick I get. When I want to quickly share a file and move on, having to spend an extra minute to fix windows is a pain in the ass.

I started to look into ways to solve this. At first I thought a batch file, wscript, or powershell script might work. While looking for clues on how to do this, I ended up finding a perfect solution already written by someone else. USBDLM is a Windows service that will watch for new USB drive mappings, and remap them to one of a few specific letters you have configured to use for USB sticks.

This is perfect for me and I hope it works out. It has a 30 day eval license (though it doesn’t seem to have any timeout) and after that costs on 10 USD. If you are constantly having to mount foreign USB drives, this could be a great timesaver for you.

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