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May 02, 2007

Somewhere in my apartment there is a Compact Flash card reader to stick into a PCCard slot in my laptop. That doesn’t do me much good in Vietnam, so I bought a new reader. It seems standard practice to haggle your way down to an agreed price but it didn’t work out for this item. I got my bargaining mindset in place and when she told me the price, I was too shocked to do anything. All I could say was…ummmmm…ok. I was probably staring as I said yes, but she may be used to it. As I handed her the 100,000 Vietnam Dong, I got a better look. You see, her hand had four fingers which you would expect. But then she had two thumbs. They seemed to move independent of each other. And she had manicured nails on all 6 fingers. The second “thumb” seemed to start right at the knuckle of the main thumb and there seemed to be no downside…except maybe her manicure costs more than others. She seemed to be able to put pressure on it and grip the money even better using her extra thumb. For 100K VD (about 6 USDollars) I got both a card reader and a viewing of something amazing…perhaps my highlight of Vietnam.

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