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The link between monkeys and Singapore Airlines

July 14, 2007

There I was on the Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Amsterdam two nights ago. Its a 13 hour flight that I mostly got through via a 8 hour melatonin-induced sleep. But that still left 5 hours to waste. With the interactive video system I was able to kill some more time. I sped to that good scene in Gladiator where he takes off the helmet and gives Commodus an “oh shit” moment. I watched a making of segment on the “300”, which was a terrible movie that I watched on the way out to Sydney. But a highlight was on the “On Demand TV” channel. They had an episode of “30 Rock”. I had never seen this show as it isn’t on in The Netherlands…at least I don’t think it is. I became one of those people I hate on the plane. You know, the guy who laughs out loud for 30 minutes. The guy who can’t control himself and involves everyone else. Yeah, that was me. Unfortunately, they only had the pilot episode, but last night I was able to load up the first season in my bittorrent client and this morning I started watching. I just watched the second episode and there was a 1 second reference to the clip of a monkey smelling his butt then fainting. A quick search on the net and I found the classic video. Yeah, you know the one. Go ahead and do a Google search for “monkey smells butt and faints”. Or just click here. I am on my 15th viewing this morning and still laughing out loud…

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