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A new theme in the works…posted now

December 11, 2007

So I am updating the theme on this site. Its not done, but there are already a lot of changes I am pretty excited about. Its still not perfect, but I have a bit of time on my hands right now.

Whats working and is pretty cool:

  • Current Twitter Status – ok that was there before
  • Upcoming Travel from 30Boxes – Its grabbing my future travel schedule from 30B. When a date goes past, it will no longer show up on the page…automatically
  • Recent Tags – Its grabbing the last 5 or 6 days worth of links I have tagged.
  • Captaris Developer Program Posts – I also occasionally post to the Captaris Developer Program. This is a list of all of those posts. As with the above items, this is dynamic.
  • Blog Flare – Took a while to figure this out. Each post can be added to Digg, Facebook, Technorati….ok, they won’t, but they could.
  • Full vs Excerpts – The most recent 3 posts are the full post. Then there are a bunch more that are just excerpts.
  • Cool icons from FamFamFam: Silk
  • Simile Timeline – This is one of the coolest new features. Rather than a traditional calendar of previous items, I am now showing an interactive timeline of all blog posts here.


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