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Oh how I wish my craptacular phone had a camera

December 12, 2007

I have a craptacular phone. It really sucks. What is it??? Its a Blackberry!!! I hate it. Sure I can fancy it up with some themes, but its still the same crap phone it was before. To be specific, its a 8700g and the carrier is KPN in the Netherlands. But then I have had a lot of crappy phones. There was one exception…the Audiovox 5600. That was the best phone I ever used. It always worked, apart from that time I crushed it in the car door. But it never hung, which is something the Blackberry likes to do…often. Ugghhh….

So there is a reason I am going off on this phone again. Today I stumbled on a cool service called Qipit. If you had a normal, less crappy phone with a camera, you could take a picture of a whiteboard or a document, and Qipit sends you a PDF version of it. No idea if its just a PDF wrapper around the image or if its a searchable PDF, but it apparently cleans up the image first. If it does OCR it and make it searchable, it would be interesting if it supports other languages beyond English.

Anyway, they also go a step further. They also allow you to specify an email address or fax number in the message you send to Qipit and it will then get sent on to the intended recipient. That is way cool!!! Now of course its not managed by your company so there is no way for them to figure out how many faxes have been sent from their employees, but for personal use, its fantastic.

PS. I found out about this from the TravelGearBlog.

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