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A Fascinating Look Back at the News Of Aviation

August 27, 2011


Today I was playing around with a new cool app called Wikibot. Its basically a cheap app that makes Wikipedia a bit more fun to use. Its not worth 5 bucks, but the 79 cents I had to pay on the App Store (Europe pricing) is a good price. So I searched for hurricane and after reading about Tropical Cyclones, I moved on to the Hawker Hurricane. According to the Wikipedia, this is a single-seat fighter aircraft from the 1930s. Thats interesting and all, but what I found especially interesting was one of the references on the page.

FlightGlobal has a section on their website with PDFs of old issues of Flight Magazine from the last 100 years. There was an article about the introduction of the Hawker Hurricane saying what made it interesting back then. Its fascinating. Flipping through the pages of an aviation magazine from nearly 100 years ago is really pretty cool…

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