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Books vs eBooks and Me

October 04, 2011

This evening I was walking back from dinner and on the way to the hotel I came upon the Barnes & Noble in Bellevue. This was a store I had spent a lot of time at when I lived in Bellevue so I was eager to stop in, especially since bookstores in the US are so different from those in Europe. As I wandered through the aisles, I was amazed at how differently I felt compared to my last time there. I just didn’t care about these things. The idea of buying a physical book is just so foreign to me that I didn’t even want to pick one up.

Today I live for my Kindle. I buy all my books on the Kindle. OK, maybe there are a few that are…um…acquired via other means….and there are a few paper copies that come from, but for the most part, the Kindle is where I read everything. Its just so much easier and more comfortable to read on the Kindle that I don’t see how a store like B&N will stay in business for much longer. Obviously I am not the only one who feels that way because the store was pretty empty. Back when I was still living in the US, this store was packed, even on Monday nights.

I then looked at the magazine rack and again I felt there was nothing that this medium offered me. I read my magazines on the Zinio app on iPad. I couldn’t even imagine buying a physical paper magazine. Everything has changed.

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