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Do I Spend Too Much Time Listening To Podcasts?

March 16, 2012

I listen to a lot of podcasts. And I do it all the time. This morning I couldn’t sleep, so at 5 I started listening to some podcasts. I am sure that’s bad at all sorts of levels, but I am addicted. So I thought I would share with you my current list of absolutely required podcasts to listen to, plus the new ones I am starting to get into.

First off, if you are relying on iTunes to get your podcasts, then wake up and discover Instacast. There is an iPhone and iPad version and they are fantastic. The only caveat with the two versions is while they claim to sync, they don’t. But I still love them.

OK, so what are the required podcasts? Here we go, roughly in order of best to…well…not best.

The ones I listen to as soon as the new episode comes out

You Look Nice Today – I am so excited that “That’s Babies” is no longer the most recent show. This is Merlin Mann, Lonely Sandwich, and the other guy at their best! Razzledazzle!

NPR Foreign Dispatch – This is my #1 source of news

Javascript Jabber – The most perfect show on Javascript. I keep re-listening to the one with Paul Irish.

Whisper Cities – Only 3 episodes with 2-4 months between each, but great stories about urban architecture. Escalate makes me want to discover the metro in my own city.

99% Invisible – I wish they did this more often. Similar to RadioLab in style and 100% perfect.

Roderick on the Line – Laugh out loud conversation with Merlin Mann and someone else.

The Javascript Show – Weekly rundown of the interesting projects in the javascript world

BBC World Update – This is my #2 source of news

The Moth Podcast – Some of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. 90% excellent

WNYC RadioLab – I don’t think I have heard an episode on here that isn’t spectacular. Loop the Loop was definitely my favorite!

Spotcast – I started at the beginning with the Lonely Sandwich episodes which were fantastic and they just get better. An interview show with filmmakers.

Founders Talk – Great interviews with interesting people

Six Pixels of Separation – Amazing marketing podcast that always keeps me interested

Marketing over Coffee – Right up there with 6 Pixels for the top two marketing podcasts to keep up with

Scruffy Thinking – Hard to describe, but the host has had a pretty interesting career

Love & Radio – Think 99% Invisible and RadioLab, then cover the kids’ ears.

Iterate – More web dev along with mobile dev in there as well

Creatiplicity – Creative Development

Mac Power Users – There are some things they say that are annoying, but generally this is one of those top notch shows. The Workflows shows are my favorites and the absolute best episodes of any podcast I listen to are the Merlin Mann Workflow shows. OMG, rocked….my…!!!!

Triangulation – Great interviews with interesting people. The Capn Crunch episodes were some of the best, but they are all good

Foundation – Great interviews with entrepreneurs

Freakonomics Radio – Absolutely Fascinating annecdotes about the world we live in

Content, Structure, & Style – I have a few Squarespace sites and this podcasts talks about whats new in that world

The B&B Podcast – Interesting conversation between two interesting guys

Core Intuition – Life as an independent developer. I really wish Manton and Daniel would get back to it. I loved this one.

The Changelog – Weekly rundown of open source projects

Forrst Podcast – Seems to be on a hiatus, but hopefully it will come back. Great rundown of web dev & design news

The ones that are mostly good

The Critical Path – Horace Dediu usually comes up with some interesting analysis that makes me want to visit the site to learn more.

DigitalFilm.TV Digital Convergence – Great filmmakers podcast. Sometimes too much of a lovefest of Canon, but when they talk more generally it gets great.

This American Life – The NPR show. Its great, and I have nothing bad to say about it and it should be spectacular, but I find myself listening to the others at the top of this list first

Above & Beyond: Trance Around The World – Great stuff for those long Plane/Train/Automobile rides

iDeveloper Live – Mac dev focused

The ones I keep around just in case

Build & Analyze – Interesting, but I really wish they would edit it down

Back to Work – Like most 5×5 shows, this is just way too drawn out. But Merlin Mann is a godd and I will listen to anything with him (even though I get him mixed up with Ze Frank)

The VergeCast – This should be good, but I keep finding myself skipping forward searching for a good bit

The Bro Show – Like 5×5, many of the 70Decibels shows sound too similar. Pick one. I might drop this one soon.

The ones that I just heard about and have a lot of potential

512 Podcast

The Industry

Mikes on Mics – Mike Vardy’s new thing so could be good

Inhatko Almanac

Shop Talk

Non Breaking Space – Listening to this now and its about to make it into the top list.

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