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Bookshelves Are Up!

January 06, 2013

Yesterday I made a pilgrimage to Ikea to buy the standard Billy bookcases. Feels good to have them assembled and have the books out of the closet where they have been since the move. Now to clean up the excess cardboard and packing strewn across my floor.

Unfortunately, Ikea is not an easy trip for the car-less resident of Boston. Apparently Ikea was going to open a store closer to the city, but then bailed on their plans just a few months ago. I think that decision was insane! With students from Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, and more coming into town each semester, I am sure they could make a killing in the city. But for some reason, they think that Bostonians just like to pay way too much for furniture that isn’t much better than the Ikea standard.

Thankfully a friend was able to give me a ride to and from the store along with all my purchases… Far better than alternative of paying $100 for delivery and waiting 2 weeks when buying online.


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