Orchestrating Serverless with AWS Step Functions

Baltimore DevOps

Talk delivered on 09/12/18

Talk Description

OK, you have built your first Lambda function. It may even be useful (and not just a thumbnail generator). But an application is more than a single function; you need a lot of them. How do you get your functions working together? In this introduction I’ll get you started with Step Functions and show you how easy it is to use them to orchestrate AWS Lambda.

Discussion Topics

After the presentation was over we talked about a number of topics for a good 45-60 minutes. Some of the topics included:

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Matt is one of the Evangelists at Datadog and a former organizer of DevOps Days Boston and Serverless Days Boston. He is passionate about the power of monitoring and metrics to make large-scale systems stable and manageable. So he tours the country speaking and writing about monitoring with Datadog. When he's not on the road, he's coding. You can find Matt (technovangelist) on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. *

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