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Goalscape - 7 Years After My Last Review
Resolutions. I don’t do well with resolutions. But Goals. Goals can work…if and only if you can stay accountable to those goals. About…
Reviewing the GLInet MV1000, the Brume
I just posted my latest video to my personal YouTube channel all about the GLInet MV1000, aka the Brume. I thought I would use this post to…
My first day with the Airpods Pro
Yesterday I was riding from the nearby T station towards the center of town to pick up our daughter from our nanny share. As always, I heard…
Using Touch ID for authorizing sudo
I use a 2017 MacBook Pro at work. This is easily the best laptop I have ever used. One of the amazing features is Touch ID. Put your finger…
The GL-iNet AR750S-Ext: A perfect travel router?
The AR750S-Ext from GL-iNet is available on Amazon: If you looked at my YouTube channel ( recently…
Why I got excited about the RAVPower Filehub
Over the last couple of months, I have posted a few videos about the RAVPower FileHub. One of them triggered something in the YouTube…
Are sports a metaphor for business? For life?
I live in Boston. Today there is a parade. Apparently this town plays some sports and as of recently, the players are pretty good. In fact…
I have a crazy dog that isn't much of a catcher
This morning I posted a video on IGTV. It’s about Jade and her amazing skills as a dog. Catch is a common game dogs like, right? ummmm, well…
Keeping Todoist Top of Mind
How do you keep track of the stuff you need to get done? How do you ensure you are really on top of it all. At work, we use Trello and Slack…
How to create a great presentation
This is a draft of an article I am working on. I wouldn’t say its complete, but I think most of the ideas are there. Let me know what you…

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