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Are sports a metaphor for business? For life?
I live in Boston. Today there is a parade. Apparently this town plays some sports and as of recently, the players are pretty good. In fact…
I have a crazy dog that isn't much of a catcher
This morning I posted a video on IGTV. It’s about Jade and her amazing skills as a dog. Catch is a common game dogs like, right? ummmm, well…
Keeping Todoist Top of Mind
How do you keep track of the stuff you need to get done? How do you ensure you are really on top of it all. At work, we use Trello and Slack…
How to create a great presentation
This is a draft of an article I am working on. I wouldn’t say its complete, but I think most of the ideas are there. Let me know what you…
RAVPower updates the FileHub
A few months ago, I made a video about the RAVPower FileHub Plus ( ). Its definitely my most…
The BEST portable teleprompter?
Teleprompters are great tools to help you make your videos far more professional. I have been searching for the perfect portable…
The Smatree S3C
You can’t buy a GoPro without getting some sort of mount for it. I used the Smatree S3C, along with a bunch of other tools. This video goes…
How to use a camp toilet in the Grand Canyon
Recently my wife and I rafted through the Grand Canyon from Lees Ferry to Pearce Ferry (about 270 miles). It was an amazing trip though…
The best power move in Todoist
How do you manage your tasks? How about those groups of tasks that you need to do over and over again? Todoist supports the concept of…
Sonos One vs Amazon Echo
Recently we updated the smart speaker in the kitchen from an Amazon Echo Dot to a Sonos One. Based on my experience with Sonos, I knew this…

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